Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Celebrate Youth

One of the the things we love about Paraguay is that they celebrate EVERYTHING :)  In addition to the traditional and cultural holidays of this small country, they often have festivals celebrating children and youth.  On Friday, we celebrated the first day of Spring and Youth day.  The church took this opportunity to have a fun afternoon planned for the youth of our neighborhood on Saturday.  
The children in these pictures pretty much spend all their free time on the church grounds.  They begin showing up at about 11:00 on weekdays and a little earlier on weekends and holidays.  They play soccer, hang out, and tell jokes (it reminds me a little of that fun movie, The Sandlot).  Although we know these children, we know very few of their parents.  I'm sure many of them come from difficult home situations.  Please pray that these lives will be touched by the work of the 4040s and the local church.
Forming teams

The "drummer"

Egg race - Isaiah against Landon!

Team leader, Fernando, encouraging the littlest member


Fabian, Mihael, and Isaiah waiting.....

Enzo dragging Isaiah - poor bum!

The final relay of the day....

....Mission Accomplished!!

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