Friday, August 31, 2012


We have had such a blessed August!  It started out with another short-term project.  We had 29 volunteers from the States, plus 2 Peruvians and a couple of long-term Extreme staff on hand and MUCH was accomplished.  As before, I was mostly inside at the computer with the "books", so I didn't get any pictures of the events.  However, you can see all the best pictures here.  I did get a picture of all the new contacts the 4040 team was able to follow up with.  Several people have started coming to church and a couple of new house groups have been started.  Praise the Lord!
 The last weekend of the short-term project, we had the privilege of hosting several leaders of the world-wide Nazarene church.  Christian Sarmiento (Director of the South American Region) and his wife, Margit; David Graves (General Superintendent) and his wife, Sharon; Marty Hoskins (Mobilization Coordinator); Verne Ward (Director of Global Missions) and his wife, Natalie; Doug Carter (Elder and Founder of RMTM Industries); Carlos Fernandez (Leadership Development in South America); and CB Glidden (Pastor of Fort Worth First Church of the Nazarene in Texas) were all on hand to provide encouragement to the church and missionaries.  The men also participated in a leadership conference for Paraguayan church leaders.
Below are several pictures of that weekend.

So, THANK YOU for your prayers!!!  As a team, we have experienced the much-needed refreshment of our spirits and encouragement in our work and are ready to claim the victory for Christ in Fernando de la Mora!!

Also in August we hosted the Officers of Extreme Nazarene Ministries.  It was fun to see old friends from Peru and the States (and receive GOODIES from the States, thanks Sydney!) 

The boys have had an exciting month also.  They started soccer school and are really enjoying being part of the organized sports world :)  
 They also celebrated a Folklore festival at school.  Isaiah's class won the best presentation as they all wore costumes and danced a traditional dance.  It was great!
As we head into Fall (for you) and Spring (for us), we are planning to take on more of a pastoral role in the church.  I have already been involved in Sunday School ministries, but I'm also starting to become more active in women's ministries and discipleship.  I have two ladies with whom I meet each week to study the Bible.  I am excited in the changes I've seen in these women!
Ryan will be preaching this Sunday and several other Sundays until December when he will be preaching full-time as the Vargas family spends the summer months in Colombia.  He will also be directing the leadership meetings in Felix's absence and will begin discipleship of a couple of men from the congregation.
God is moving and we are excited to be a part of His plan for Paraguay!  Keep us in your prayers, we know the enemy is not going to let this country go easily!  We appreciate you all :)