Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Children's Communion and Baptisms

After months of planning and preparation, everything came together to celebrate a special children's communion and baptism this past Sunday.  It was wonderful to see the church come together to support our youth!  Our outdoor "sanctuary" was set up for a breakfast and people were able to eat before the service started.  We had many new visitors (friends and family of the children who were participating) and hopefully seeds have been planted in several lives as a result of this day!
Everything set up and ready to go - tables for breakfast, a pool for the baptisms, and a special, smaller table in front for the children

Enjoying the praise music and watermelon!
 After Pastor Felix gave a short devotional, he invited all the children to receive communion.  The Sunday before, myself and another Sunday School teacher had shared with the children a lesson in what communion is and what it means.  Pastor Felix had Ryan come forward also to help the children visualize the First Communion - Ryan played the part of Jesus :)
 After communion, Scripture was read and a new Christian gave her testimony.  Then it was time for the baptisms.  Thirteen youth and children were baptized!!  Ryan was able to baptize Isaiah and Landon.
Landon affirming that Jesus is his Lord and Savior

Isaiah was so excited!  He has wanted to be baptized for about a year.  He loves his God!!

Isaiah invited his best friend, Paul, and his soccer coach.
Both of them were there to support him in this big decision.
I was thrilled to see the church working together for this event and I was so happy with the response of the youth and children from our church.  However, by far, the biggest blessing for my mommy-heart was seeing our two boys make the decision to publicly affirm that they will follow Jesus.  As a missionary and Christian, I know that God will use me to touch many lives.  But the most important lives I can impact are the two He has given us to guide and grow in love with Him.  I pray that each of you will also experience the blessings of guiding those with whom you have been entrusted!!