Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"Stuff" and Blessings

Two weeks from tonight, we will head to the airport and prepare for our flight to the States.  When we arrived in Paraguay, after 36 HOURS of travel, I joked that I never wanted to leave until we left for good!  It looks like my wish has been granted, although much sooner than I was expecting and much sadder in the reality of yet another round of good-bye's.  
As we work to get things ready for our return to the States, I have come across some "stuff" that we have carried with us over the last 5 1/2 years of moving - through Buenos Aires, Arequipa, Pucallpa, and now Asuncion.  Although not much to look at, these items have signified "home" to us during our travels.  Inspirational words on plaques, kitchen items, baby blankets (remember, the boys were not yet quite 1 and 3 when left), books, and toys.  
My "stuff"
Kids' "stuff"
 So often, I feel like we get caught up in counting our "stuff" as blessings.  Sometimes the blessings from God come in the absence of "things".  Sometimes we have to experience loss, to experience true gain in Christ.  Once again, I am reminded that this world is not our forever home.  We are only passing through and whatever we accumulate here will not transfer over when we finally reach our reward with God.  What WILL transfer over are the lives we touch and change, the people we teach about God and His love, and the way we choose to follow obediently wherever Christ leads us.  THOSE are the blessings we need to focus on :)

So, as we've been packing up and saying good-bye, we've also been making special lasting memories.  Below are some fun pics of the boys.
New Year's Eve with fireworks!!

Captain Isaiah - arg, matie!
Packing fun :)
We are excited to be returning but, as always, transition is difficult.  Please pray for Isaiah and Landon as they say good-bye to their friends, their puppy (THAT was a hard one - lots of tears!), their kittens, and their home.  These little guys are so precious and so resilient.  God has a plan for them and we can't wait to see what it is - but it's still  hard :)  Thank you so much for your prayers - we appreciate each of you!!