Monday, July 23, 2012

Building Update and Extended Vacation

The day after my last blog, the new church was complete enough to hold a service!  One of our local church leaders had been working with other church leaders in Fernando de la Mora and on Friday the 13th, an inter-denominational youth service was held under our new roof :)  It was exciting to see 10 churches and nearly 200 youth and families present and celebrating unity in Christ!

 As I mentioned in the last blog, the kiddos are on winter break right now.  It was supposed to be two weeks but last Thursday we found out that it had been extended another week.  We have been having fun playing games (with the world's smallest monopoly set!)
 and going new places like the zoo.  It was neat to see the animals (including the pregnant elephant below), but the most fun was definitely had at the gigantic trees we found in the park!  I know we're hard to see in this picture, but that just shows how massive this tree was :)
 It's been wonderful to experience God's amazing creations with our growing boys. (By the way, Isaiah hasn't grown THAT much, Landon is sitting on a small wall)
The last two weeks we had lots of homework to complete, but this week we're looking forward to some extra free time.  Isaiah is now 8 and Landon is rapidly approaching 6.  Next week we will also be welcoming a group of short-term volunteers from the States.  Three of our 4040 boys are currently in Cali Colombia experiencing the discipleship model we are using here first-hand.  We are looking forward to a boost in morale and energy with the return of the boys and the short-term team.  Please keep us in your prayers as we soldier on :)
Much love, the Fosters

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Prayer and Construction

Happy July and summer to all our friends and family in the Northern Hemisphere!!  Although it is winter here in the South, we are pleased to find that "winter" is pretty mild (however with our thin "jungle blood", even the mild winter requires several layers and coats for us!) 
I sent out a group email a couple of weeks ago, but was not sure if it went through.  If you didn't get it, I wanted to make sure you all received our thanks for the prayers each of you lift up for us.
We were in not one, but two, very dangerous situations in our car that day and truly believe the hand of God saved us from any injury on both occasions.
First, a motorcycle tried to pass us on the right-hand side and ran into a parked car - right next to Isaiah's open window.  Except for ringing ears from the sound of the crash, the car and our family were unharmed.  Then, a few hours later as we were turning left into our house from a busy street, a city bus tried to pass us on the left.  Ryan said he is convinced the bus should have hit us, but miraculously it didn't.
We were concerned for the people on the bus who were thrown forward with the sudden stop.  One family approached us and said they would be filing charges against the bus company but we have not heard any more from them or the bus company.  
Thank you so much for your daily prayers on behalf of our family and safety.  We truly feel surrounded by God's protection!
I'm happy to share some really exciting news for our church in Paraguay - CONSTRUCTION HAS BEGUN!!!  We were finding it difficult to fit everyone in the small church building every Sunday so have started the building process.  So far, we just have funds for the floor and roof, but we know God will provide the rest.  Below are several pictures taken over the last week and a half (the current church building is the white building to the right of the photo).

I'm so grateful that we can be here for this time of growth!  There is much activity on the church grounds as the workers dig the foundation, mix and pour concrete, and smooth the floor.  Our male 4040s have been talking to the workers about the hope we have in Jesus on their time off and perhaps we will see growth in more than just a building :)
And, finally, I wouldn't want to post a blog without letting you know how the boys are doing.  As I mentioned earlier, it's winter here and the boys began their two-week winter break on Monday.  So far they have had two sleepovers, a day at the park, and a visit to a friend's house - and we're not even half-way through vacation!  Yesterday they wanted to help make dinner :)
 They also have LOTS of homework to do each day and Isaiah has been practicing his English reading.
Next week will be full as we are having ANOTHER sleepover for Isaiah's 8th birthday, various play-dates, and a trip to the zoo.  Landon's birthday follows soon after so the next blog will probably be about birthdays :)
We truly appreciate every one of you and the difference you are making by joining us in prayer!  May God bless you and increase your joy in Him each day!!