Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

Sometimes we get so caught up in our "regular" life and our "regular" worship that we lose sight of the amazing power of Christ.  In the weeks leading up to Easter this year I was reading the Lineage of Grace series by Francine Rivers.  These stories of the faithful women in the genealogy of Jesus helped me to re-focus on God's power and His hand in lives throughout the ages.  The same God that saved Rahab, redeemed Ruth, and forgave Bathseba is at work in MY life today.  
I know so many of you are praying daily for our family and I wanted to share just a few of the answers to prayer that God has provided in these last 3 months:
  • A safe journey to Paraguay
  • A beautiful, comfortable place to call home
  • A vehicle
  • January 11 - A large tree branch fell where one of our 4040s does his morning devotions.  He had moved to another, nearby spot right before the branch fell and was unharmed.
  • January 17 - After being told there were no openings in the school of our choice, we received a call that there was a vacancy in the second grade  for Isaiah.  Both boys are able to attend a Christian, bi-lingual school.
  • January 17 - A truck nearly rolled over in front of us on the highway.  It went up on the median and we were able to safely maneuver around it.
  • March 16 - A strange man approached Landon at the gate and tried to entice him away.  One of the church members was nearby and called Landon to him. 
  • March 16 - After 5 years on and off the market, our house in Nampa Idaho finally sold :)
We are so thankful to be covered in prayer!!!  In addition to the above answers to prayer, we have felt such peace and strength that can only be from God.  He is truly ALIVE and working in lives today!!!!
 Isaiah and Landon with our guy 4040s (Mike, Felipe, Juliano, and Leon)
Dyeing Easter eggs with Felipe and Mike


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