Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Arrival in Asuncion

 We made it!!  After 2 months in the States visiting friends and family in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Colorado, and Delaware and 36 HOURS of travel, we finally reached our new home on December 28.  We were joined 2 days later by the three Venezuelans on our team and the rest soon followed as well.  The first Paraguay team is complete :)  Below is our new family for the next 19 months:
Emily (Colorado), Islenia (Venezuela), Kelsey (California), Yoli (Venezuela), the Fosters, Mike (Idaho), Leon (Minnesota), Gerardo (Venezuela), and Felipe (Brazil)

 It's been a bit of a challenge getting everything set up for our family and the 4040s, but we have such wonderful new friends here who have been willing to do whatever we needed of them.  We have been spending the last two weeks learning our way around this new city, purchasing furniture and food, finding the best supermarkets (yes, there are more than ONE to choose from!!!), and settling into a new routine.

We've attended several services and the church here is ON FIRE for Christ!!  It's so exciting to see their fervor and desire to share the gospel message.  Under the leadership of Felix Vargas, the attendance has gone from 0 (doors of the church CLOSED on Sundays) to over 50 in just 3 years.  We are so blessed to be able to come alongside him and serve our Mighty God together.

The 4040s have been given their first home groups and begin meeting this evening.  We were excited to learn that there are already 10 leaders requesting discipleship groups in their homes.  This means that two of our pairs have 2 groups and two of our pairs have 3 groups their first week!  Please join us in prayer for them as they begin this intensive work.

The boys are adjusting well to their new home.  They love the church grounds where we live and have already made numerous friends who come by each evening to play soccer and ride bikes.  
Speaking of riding bikes......Look who learned this week!  He's so proud of himself and ready to take his bike to a riding track near our home next Sunday afternoon :)
Thank you so much for your prayers as we traveled and are making this transition!  We have such faithful supporters and are blessed by each one of you.  May God shower His richest blessings on you this year!!

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  1. Excited for you guys, can't wait to hear about the adventures to come.